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And here it is! The Sea Hawk Pro "GGYC" - in steel!

November 15 2006 at 11:07 AM

PeterCDE  (Login pc01)

Dear enthusiasts,

you may seen Kohei´s announcement, so i won´t withhold this exciting new piece from you as well. It is with great pleasure to share a sneak peak at a new model by Girard-Perregaux, which i´m confident it will be much appreciated (and sell out quickly):

Alongside BMW ORACLE RACING, Girard-Perregaux is proud to introduce the very first Sea Hawk Pro in steel.
This model is special and different; not just the Sea Hawk line stems from a history of more than 6 decades of uninterrupted production in the field of maritime watches, but it´s again pushing frontiers in a technical and aesthetic perspective.

The new reference 49950 "GGYC" (i like to call it the "Steel Pro") continues the line of dedicated dive watches in the spirit of both the popular "USA-76" limited edition and the Sea Hawk Pro, which is available in Titanium only.
This time, GP went all the way!
The first novelty of the brand new ref. 49950 is the massive steel case of 44mm in diameter, which equals the dimensions of the current Sea Hawk Pro. The substantial size sets this model apart from other and adds to the distinctive look of GP´s dive watches, as well as allowing for the incredible depth rating of 1.000m. But it´s not a fashion gadget; like the "Pro", the new "Steel Pro" is a veritable dive instrument intended to be used by professionals. In order to allow for real diving, it comes with a screw-down crown shielded by the integral crown guard the Sea Hawk line is so well known for, a helium escape valve and an unidirectional rotatable bezel.

This alone certainly makes it different, but GP doesn´t stop here:
The new model features a case of 25% reduced height!
Where the regular "Pro" offers a water resistance of 3.000m by means of a Titanium case with 20.11mm in height, the new model comes with a steel case of "just" 15.42mm in height!
This accounts for a more comfortable and even more versatile use, while preserving all key features of GP´s instrumental diver at the same time.

To do so, Girard-Perregaux completely redesigned the manufacture-made steel case and engineered a solution that ensures it´s capable to go whereever the owner wishes to go, while making it a lot more comfortable at the same time.
I think this is quite a trick, especially if keeping in mind the incredible pressure of 1 ton per each square centimeter is resting on the watch when submerged to maximum depth.

The new model hence sets it self apart in more ways than other dive watches; it´s not a manufacture-made movement, but a manufacture-made case either.
And this combinations is exceptionally rare these days.

As we speak of the movement, this new piece comes with GP´s own automatic caliber GP 33RO.
The 27-jewel movement offers a power reserve of 46 hours and indicates the hours, minutes, seconds (on the sub-second at "10") and the remaining power reserve; those who are already familiar with GP´s Sea Hawk models may recall the movement from the "John Harrison" line, so it´s safe to say it´s very well "tried&tested" for the use in sports models.

Btw, "tested" does have a literal meaning:

As with any manufacture-made piece, the new Sea Hawk Pro "GGYC" is thoroughly tested at GP´s in-house testing department.
The picture shows the shock test, where encased pieces are hit with a hammer of 3.000 gramms in weight at full swing. Other tests include water resistance, timekeeping performance, antimagnetic properties, resistance to heat, cold, isochronism, UV light and even the behaviour of the strap!
More on this, including the "Straptest" (GP really does have a machine of this name!) at a later point over the weekend.

In short, i think the new Sea Hawk Pro "GGYC" is truly different from any other piece on the market.
And if that´s not enough, the estimated price bracket is just about 2K CHF more than the Rolex SeaDweller, which i think is a very competitive pricing given all the features the GP comes with and the rather small number of pieces that come to life each year.
In this, the only complaint might be the small number of pieces in this limited edition - only 1.000 owners will be lucky to get one. And while we will have a much closer look on the model, the features and the "story" later, i´m almost sure you already get the idea it´s really not a high number of pieces for what might be GP´s most appreciated model lately.

Greetings from Germany,


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November 16 2006, 2:50 AM 

nice watch but I still prefer the sea hawk II pro 3000. the polished titanium case is incredible and I like very much the central second.

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