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A world premiere to come - check back on friday

November 27 2006 at 12:23 PM

PeterCDE  (Login pc01)


i´d like to have you check back here next friday.
The reason, which i´ll be more than happy to share with you in full depth then, is a new model to come. Surprise

I think it´s pretty special; for a guess, here´s a snippet of the official coverage:

    "This function, which is ideal for [...], has been supplemented with a novel feature in the [...], which is being launched at the end of this year. For the very first time, a watch now indicates [...] as well as [...]"

Oh, and it will be steel either. And not very small. So i think it will find one or the other to like it. Actually i´m sure of that

See you on Friday



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(no login)

These teasers are killers . . .

November 27 2006, 6:11 PM 

. . . but you've set the hook. I'll be here Friday.


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(Login pc01)

Point taken :-)

November 27 2006, 11:10 PM 

Admittedly, that´s been a compromise.
I´m bound by my word until friday, which i tend to take very serious. Hence no pics today

On the other hand, it´s an addition to one of GP´s best selling individual model. Personally i find it interesting; not a huge complication, but a very practical and interesting new feature.

This model will be released in a limited edition as well, with a relatively small number of pieces to be actually available in several regions just before christmas. These will be rare and only some choosen authorized dealers will receive these, so i´d guess these may be "hot". And i´d guess they will move quickly.

So i´d recommend to get yourself prepared with the phone number of the GP distributor in your region, who will know where and when these pieces will be available. Phone/contact informations over on GP´s website, just in case.

More later



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