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November 28 2006 at 7:06 PM
bigmin  (no login)

Finally will be getting a worldtime chrono , have been looking at various models for the last years-RG,titanium,bracelet/straps/rubber.
Its thick and heavy(except the titanium).
Finally found the black&white dial titanium on strap.
This model is not seen in Asia's AD.Was it an Italian market model and how does titanium wears/look like say after 20 years?

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(Login pc01)

This one?

November 28 2006, 9:42 PM 


good choice!
A GP classic

This TI case and black/white dial?

REF. 49800-21-651-BA6D

That would be a configuration offered from 2001 to 2006; not sure the dial is still available for TI models, as the 2006 lineup to my knowledge the current portfolio is limited to the "Pepsi" dial for the TI case.
I agree in that the black/white TI is a pretty piece and rather unobtrusive, while the more colourful variants are a little "flashy". The more monochrome variants are not that rare in Europe, so i think it´s a matter of regional preferences if they are not seen often around your place!

If you can afford, i´d like to recommend a 2006 model.
The cases, dials and straps are different in several details and i found it to be a much more comfortable piece. It´s a little less heavy too.
Apart from that, the "ardoise" (anthracite-grey) dial is such a beautiful piece in nature!

Finally, i´d recommend to wait a week.
There might be something which is interesting for you and at least widen your choices



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(no login)

Thats the model and Thanks,..

November 28 2006, 10:08 PM 

I thought something coming friday not a week Peter!
How come theres quite some new watches? coming after bsel from GP?
In general how does Titanium wears/looks after say 10-20 years?Any polishing needed?
My oldest titanium is only 5 years,slightly more scratches,looks slightly duller compared to new.

Thanks again as usual for your informative quick response.

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(Login pc01)

My pleasure! Let´s see

November 28 2006, 10:38 PM 

Just wait a bit
It even may be a week or two; this due to the fact there are things which are currently en route to a limited number of GP AD´s world-wide. This needs a bit of time. Therefore my recommendation for patience, which i think it may add an interesting choice.
Of course i can´t confirm if all this is related to the ww.tc range by GP.
That´s all i can say right now

Actually things seem to be a little on the move, with all major brands.
If you look at the introduction of the PP Nautilus range, it´s apparent new models are introduced outside Basel/Geneva in an increasing number. Personally i suspect this phenomenon to be caused by production and communication routines. And of course to have something to keep the tension high

As per TI casework, it´s not like ceramics.
Every metal case will scratch at times and hence the ww.tc is not different in this aspect. Frankly, with the ww.tc being released in 2001 there´s not that experience from a long-time observation i can share. But in general the GP TI casework tends to hold up quite well.
The probably more important fact is these cases, like with all GP cases, are possible to refinish at all. In this it makes a real difference GP is doing their own casework (experience is hard to beat in this aspect).
Most TI wwtc are brushed, which is possible to rework at GP Suisse.
Those TI pieces i´ve seen in daily wear, including earlier TI casework and other models, tend to hold up quite well. The TI alloy in use is not as soft as others around, so in general i´d say you will not be disappointed. This especially goes for Sea Hawk models, of which some are used in the way they are supposed to (pro divers watches).

The change in colour is normal.
This goes back to oxidation; every TI case interacts with air, which creates up a very fine and slightly darker surface layer.
This can be avoided only by treating the case with PVD or TI nitrate coating, which then is not possible to refinish itself (same way as other watch brands using Palladium plating for WG casework, which needs to be removed before polishing).
During refinish, the darker layer will be removed easily. So it´s nothing that can´t be treated.

If this is within the budget, you may consider a polished TI case (available in certain l.e.´s such as the "Berlin").
Polishing Titanium is a trick because of the nature of the material; it´s not that easy. Yet i find it to be extraordinarily smooth and a great feeling when you touch it, apart from an almost ethereal shine.
So one of these might be interesting.

But as said, the 2006 models are a lot more comfortable.
And a little patience may pay



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