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A world premiere: GIRARD-PERREGAUX presents the ww.tc - Financial

November 30 2006 at 4:10 PM

PeterCDE  (Login pc01)

Dear enthusiasts and GP fans,

it is with great pleasure and thanks to the efforts of GP Suisse i´m happy to share some really hot news; a new model, well-known and much appreciated, but new and different either. And a beauty:

GIRARD-PERREGAUX: the ww.tc - Financial

Please feel kindly invited to read all about it and discover why it´s new in more than one aspect, but still brings all that makes the WW.TC the much coveted model it is:

Click here for the full release and pictures!

I think it´s a winner; not just the added functionality or the 2006 improvements, but it´s first and foremost a beautiful and very interesting watch!


Greetings from Germany,


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(Login ddpd)
AP Discussion Group

Now this is nice!

November 30 2006, 11:41 PM 

This would have to be one of my all time favourtes, especially with the 'financial' index.
Here's a practical and elegant piece in one. My other is shown as well, the ww.tc BMW oracle edition.

The steel version seems to look the goods. The limited status of 1000 pieces seems high, but I'm not complaining. More to go around I say.

The anthracite dial seems to be my favourite for the moment, but I'm easily swayed.

I didn't realise that GP uses ceramic ball bearings or is this a recent addition.

Individually numbered pieces in steel is quite unique in itself. Any particular reason for this ?

Have to ask, if there is a steel bracelet available for the ww.tc and/or the lug width.



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(Login pc01)

Some more input and a bracelet

December 1 2006, 12:03 AM 


glad you like it!

Well, the edition run of 1.000 pieces in steel seems high on first view.
But then, it´s not first and foremost a collector´s piece. The "FTC" to me appears to be a very practical piece for those involved or interested in stock markets. This looks like a wider base of potential future owners, which i think would be good. It will need GP actually some time to do all these, so i´d guess you will not see them in the shops very often.

The ceramic ball bearings are in use for quite some time!
Actually even before PP and JLC announced them
These are mainly in use for pieces with solid gold rotor because of the rotor weight, but intended to be introduced on a wider base at some point. Given they are more expensive than conventional steel bearings, it may take a bit.
For more details on the ceramic ball bearings, please click here for an earlier introduction!

As for steel bracelets, there´s only this recent edition of 50 units:

I´m confident GP could do a steel bracelet on special order; such will not be cheap, but certainly a nice compliment for the steel variant indeed!

The FTC will be delivered to assorted GP dealers in a low quantity over the next weeks; not every dealer will receive one of these (while reports from an earlier internal preview of this model indicate dealer orders might be well above GP´s production capacities for these).
For a close encounter it might be good to get in touch with local GP dealers or, in case they don´t have one of these, the regional GP distributors.
I´d guess they will move quickly in some places and not just to already convinced GP fans. So better be quick



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(Login ddpd)
AP Discussion Group

Thanks Peter. Definitely on the watchlist. n/t

December 1 2006, 6:44 PM 


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(Login Radiomirio)
Trading Zone

GP did it again !

December 1 2006, 11:21 AM 

Hello Peter,

What a stunning pice and what a briljant piece ! Great variant of an already excellent piece !!

Thanks for sharing,
best regards,


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(Login MelvynTeillolFoo)

Finally >>

December 2 2006, 9:41 AM 

the clincher "useful" feature for a watch that I have tried but not bought because I already have a UN GMT +/- perpetual and some other timezone watch.

Now, with additional NYSE, LSE, Hang Seng and TSE indications AND my favourite complication - chronograph; I ran out of excuses..even though I don't travel anymore.

Hey, even the price is not a hurdle; all those features and still so cheap - that could be a problem as no self-respecting market trader would wear a cheap watch . That fictitious Wall Street worker, earning $25M, could not be seen with one even if it was a heavy watch....


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(Login pc01)

"Cheap" is relative...

December 2 2006, 11:08 AM 

Hi Melvyn,

glad you found it interesting!

In the context of the thread on WatchRap, i was thinking of a Pt piece.
These are slightly different and starting at 45K CHF on strap. Bracelets are not a regular offering and special order only, putting the whole thing somewhat near the upper end 5 digits.
If that´s still not expensive enough and needs to be a "big piece", then a 42x14mm Pt cased Opera 2 might do



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(no login)


December 2 2006, 5:37 PM 

Another GP in my wish list, just hope the price is reacheable and I'm glad it is in ss...will check out with the AD here and thanks Peter for the information!

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