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September 9 2003 at 11:48 PM
Jim Rothbarth  (Login jnr88)

Response to LUC 2000 Sport - a few questions

1. The dial is embossed on standard dial material. Nothing exotic here although the pattern is very harmonius with the number markers and guilloche patern.
2. All steel case and dial combinations are available in unique combinations of 2000. The black
,blue and silver dials with brcelets would have a total run of 6000 pieces, The same would apply to other unigue packaging combinations. These three exact dial case combinations on a strap would yield 6000 more watches.
A3. Don't know.
4.The first LUC sport were offered in the fall of 1999.
5.A handmade watch can mean many things to many people. To the exent that the LUC is in serial production it is not a fully handmade watch. It is however endowed with a rich amount of hand asembly and finish. The more sophisticated the movments (1.02.-,1.96;1.98;6.93; the more hand work is required and the more elegantly the movement can be finished.It is this comminment to the smallest detail that raises the artform very neary to a job shop handmade watch,It should be remembered that the the Chopard LUC Movements, initially designed by Michael Parmigiani , are in house movments designed and produced in house to the highest standards. These are technically important movements that have changed the watch industry landscape and result in exceptional customer satisfaction and value. I would say good luck with your watch and "shake hands with the hands of a hand made watch"

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