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A scan of my father's 1.96 in RG and some comments

September 27 2003 at 8:26 AM

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Response to Can anyone help me with specific LUC 1.96 scans? Plus other questions...

Dear Craig,

It's so nice to see you on this forum. My dad got this 1.96 in RG back in July this year, and I took a scan of the watch. I have to say that the movement finish is really exceptional, even among the many watches that come with Geneva seals. The dial work is really very well executed, you should log on to and watch their film on L.U.C. watches, my dad decided to go for the 1.96 instead of a Patek after watching it. The only thing that sort of bothers my dad is that since his wrist doesn't move his wrist very often throughout the day, the micro rotor doesn't get a lot of power reserve even it can take up to 65 hours. If you do end up getting one in eitehr WG or PT, be sure to share your scans here. Good luck!



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