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LUC 16/1860 & 16/1860/2

October 8 2006 at 12:25 PM

kong  (Login vlkong)
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Response to 1.96 LUC / 3.96 LUC too?

Bernard has provided a great explanation.

I read your question, and just add a few inputs:

1) 16/1860 with the 3.96 calibre &
2) 16/1860/2 with the 1.96 calibre.

a) The calibres are of not in limited edition, it is the model ie. the 16/1860/2 with various casing (WG,RG & PT) and dial configuration.
The 1.96 calibre is used in another model - the TWIST 16/1888.

b) To differentiate the 16/1860 & 16/1860/2 besides checking the calibres ( from the open case back), the dial spots the following difference:
i) Decor flamme guilloche for 16/1860/2
ii) 16/1860's dial not guilloche. Below the Chopard logo,printed 'Geneve Depuis 1860' and at the 6'o clock there is a round index.

The LUC finishing is superb. You have to see it for yourself.


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