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Dear Samuel, thanks very much for your very kind words.

October 21 2006 at 11:09 AM

ThomasM  (Premier Login thepurist178)
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Response to Directed to Dr Thomas Mao

first, my apologies - due to some very serious family health issues I have limited time and net access these days/weeks.

A few preliminary thoughts/comments -

take the time to try to understand "classic" construction (with the caveats offered by Suitbert and John in this thread - click here and here

Column wheel control of chronograph functions are considered "classic" but if one is not too parochial about this point, the Valjoux/ETA 7750, considered by movement snobs as being too common and "low brow" for not using a column wheel, can provide some of the most reliable, accurate performance of any chronograph movement ever made. But it is EXTREMELY difficult to set up and service properly, so that its "feel" is as smooth and functions "graceful" as traditional designs like those from Valjoux and Venus before 1940 (and some calibres after)

Movement finishing is important, but it can be done for its own sake, just to pump up the marketable price for the piece, without real respect for the art of finishing or concern for functional aspects. These pieces rub me the wrong way, as a Purist.

Some argue that manual wind chronos are more "pure" than automatics, but I personally don't feel either manual or automatic calibres are inherently more "pure"

Integrated vs modular designs - there is a huge, ongoing controversy about which is more "pure" with arguments BOTH WAYS from engineering, serviceability, design aesthetics, functionality perspectives.

I find the movement in the Chopard Chrono One very interesting, with great promise, but since I have not yet has the pleasure of either trying the cased, finished chrono for pusher feel or chrono hand action, nor, obviously, extended on wrist experience, I can't make any meaningful comments yet.

I will note that it has many design concepts that are very appealing to me, but one that bothers me slightly - how thick it is, considering it is supposed to be an integrated "classic" construction. This reservation might change once I have had a chance to handle, even live with, a final production specimen for some period of time.

I will, without reservation, compliment the extremly high level of finish exhibited in the demo movements I have seen.

Take a look at the discussions referenced above, even though there is a larger context to them, there is much of specific interest relevant to your quest.

And if you repeat your question on WatchRap, our general discussion forum, you will certainly get a wider range of replies and perspectives.

Cheers, and welcome to ThePurists.


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