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Hi Brad

November 4 2006 at 7:44 AM
newhappiness  (Login newhappiness)
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Response to Raised as a jw


I just wanted to give you a warm welcome. The feelings of guilt took over 10 years to finally subside for me. I remember going to all the meetings, then being told that my heart should motivate me to field service. When I did that I was told that my heart should motivate me to pioneer. I was told that if my heart were in the right place, I wouldn't seek higher education. Problem was that no matter what I did, it was never enough. Never. I threw up my arms and said why bother. I saw good in people outside the organization and would feel guilt over that. I found goodness in so many places (people, music, charity organizations, etc.) that the JWs said didn't exist. I was supposed to shun my sister because she wasn't following in the right path. I was supposed to feel contempt for others who weren't doing the right thing. (I was encouraged to judge). My heart wouldn't allow it. My heart would never feel content with this type of conditioning. 10 years (actually 14 in total) I am over the guilt.

The fears stay a little longer I think. The fear inspiring teaching such as demon possession and end of the world and calamity/famine, etc. can't be disproved. With the constant bombardment of these teachings into a child's amiable mind, those fears creep up every now and then and make you say "oh no, what if they were right". I look at all of religion as a distraction. A distraction to keep us occupied from seeking higher ground with our body and soul. People are so busy bumping into one another and trying to prove they are right and the other is wrong that they miss the whole point of life.
Follow your heart and don't ignore your common sense.

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