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My Message to ALL you apostates!

November 24 2007 at 1:02 AM

Don  (Login Foreruner)
from IP address

I have a real and great suggestion to all of you here: Get, a life or get a hobby or GROW UP! Get over your obsession with our religion and MOVE ON with your lives! If anyone wants to see a brain-washed cult, all they have to do is take a look at the cult that has formed here, that pisses and whines about nothing but the JW's! Talk about people who have no lives and cannot move on! Sure, you'll all claim that you are happy and have moved on in life and yet, you'll spend the next year, posting almost daily on this board about our religion!

All this time, I have always thought that staying away from anti/ex-JWs was due to deception and them wanting to pull others away from the truth. Never did I imagine that I would have a bunch of lame-pathetic-obsessed zombies with no lives of their own who will spend the rest of their lives talking about the JW religion! Linda Thomas on this site for example, should be busy baking cookies and muffins at her age, not drooling over the latest posting about the JW's, 24/7.

You know what you all remind me of? You all remind me of a football team in High school, that loses the city championships in the last 2 minutes of the game and then the team never gets over the loss. 10 years later down the line, they still piss and cry about the game, daily. Trying to figure out what went wrong and what the team is doing today. Then individuals try to put the blame on coach Rogers: "Well maybe if he did not run the 45 blitz, blah blah could have gotten first down." Then another 10 years go by and what are they doing? Still obsessively talking about the football game they lost.

The moral of the story should be: Get over the obsession over the lost football game, get a life, and get on with your lives and stop blaming coach Rogers for the loss. Of course, they'll claim just as you do, that they have gotten on with their lives due to their newfound happiness. But yet, they'll spend the rest of their lives daily, talking about that football game and coach Rogers.

Here, I have a suggestion to all you apostates: I go bowling (10-pin) every Wednesday night and the brothers and I have a good time every time we go. We don't worry about everyday problems when we go, or the bills or whatnot; we bowl, have a great time, share many laughs at it doesn't even matter who wins. What is funny is that while we are out having a great time and having lots of fun, half of you Zombies will be on this site, obsessively chatting about how bad we are and how your lives were ruined/almost ruined! What a laugh! We're out having a good time and enjoying life, and you Zombies are on this website talking about how evil we are! So instead of talking about us, go pick up a bowling ball and start a new hobby! And don't take your laptop to the bowling ally in order to see the latest postings on this lame board; just leave it at home!

I have to say that the state that you are all in is hell. Jehovah God did not create hell, but I see that you have created it for yourselves in your miserable little world. I thank Jehovah God that I will never turn out like one of you. I always had worried that you people were out to deceive others; low and behold: I find a group of depressed oddities living in their own personal hell. How pathetic! I now would strongly encourage other brother and sisters to come read this site to see what happens to those who leave the truth. They become pathetic oddities with no lives, who spend the rest of their lives crying about the truth.

So stay in your pathetic hellhole, (errr, oops I mean, your new found "happiness") so enjoy it and bask in it until the great judgment day of Jehovah God! For I pity you, for tuning into such lame excuses for human beings. Until then, try to get some lives, move out of your mothers basements, get jobs, or at least pick up a bowling ball! It would be a good start!

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