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I need some assistance

December 3 2007 at 6:33 AM
Thomas FLoyd  (Login gyrobi)
from IP address


This is completely off any topic that is going on but I need some help on something. In the wide array of people from so many different walks of life that are on this board I'm hoping there is possibly someone that is a health care proffesional or perhaps has extensive knowlege or resources for research on prescription drugs.

Here's the situation. My best friend whom I've known well over twenty years injured his back a little over a year ago. He has since been getting sick leave pay (it didnt happen at work) and taking several different medications.

He goes to a "pain clinic" for his hydrocodone. At said clinic they closely moniter your drug levels. A urinalysis is required each month when he goes so they can tell if you are selling/abusing or whatever.

The problem is this. Valium keeps showing up in his system. He doesnt take it, I know him and his honesty is impeccable and he swears he isn't taking any. He does however take a drug called flexaril for muscle spasms. Someone told me that flexaril can show up as valium (diazepam) in a drug screen.

If any of you know, or even better,could possibly direct me to a website where I might be able to print the information, it would be greatly appreciated. I love him dearly (closer than my real brother) and I am concerned he will get screwed somehow if I cant find this in fo out

If anyone can help, thank you in advance. If not, thanks anyway. I know this isnt the purpose of the board but I do consider it a lifeline to knowlege due to the collective human resources that are here.

Bless You All. T

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