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I finished it.

January 19 2008 at 11:51 AM
Elizabeth Cooper  (Login Elizabethisme)
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Crises of Conscience. I have a lot of information to assimilate (borg talk there) Some of this I have been aware of on a congragational level. I remember the feelings at my own trial at the tender age of 18 being told that my "witnesses" were not valid as they were not JW's and that left only my accusor's (man and wife, one flesh, not two witnesses right?) to testify against me.

And when you have a JW against you, you are condemned. I remember wanting to be back and when I went back the emptyness was everywhere. It no longer FELT like my service had Jehovah's blessing. But now, now is different.

That book closed a lot of doors for me. Opened even more. After a few days, and I sleep on the information I have just taken in, I may have a lot to say. Then again, I may remain completely silent. I have to admit however, that this book has definately affected me and my viewpoints.

I used to believe, and now I am not sure what it was. I certainly never believed that the bOrg was able to mediate between me and my creator. I had never even heard such a thing. Where was I during this message? If I had of heard that piece of information, it would not have been hard to leave and there would have been no qualms about it.

So anyway, here I am, Elizabeth, that's me, and JW's is just another religion.

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