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it's interesting

February 1 2008 at 4:13 PM
hotglass  (Login hotglass)
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Response to I never left the truth


Not all here are pagans or athiests. I find it interesting when jw's come on boards and say they are not being judgemental then go on to say how everyone is displeasing jah. As if they have a clue. I find it interesting that jw's accept that made up word 'jehovah' as it was made up by a Catholic monk by the name of Martini. Same for the bible itself, jw's detest Catholics yet the Catholics have cannonized the books and kept the bible throughout history. Where was fds then? What no jw's?! oh my.

Do you wear a wedding ring? pagan. Ever eat wedding cake? pagan. Why is it ok to celebrate the 'birth' of a wedding but not an actual birth of a human being? Pinata's? pagan, I suggest you look up the societies stand about that. You have not done any research into this blasphemous, idolotrous,ungodly organization that masquerades as a religion. It's a book publishing company and the rank & file are the salesmen. Lately the profits of this non prophet organization are going to pay the many pedophile cases the wt tries to hide. See Barbara Anderson's cd for actual court documents and info about payouts.

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      1. thanks - maxine on Feb 2, 2008, 12:12 PM
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