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I got a oldish one... (plus a bonus story)

July 16 2001 at 8:10 PM
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Response to Whats the Lamest moofie you have ever seen?


It was called "Teachers" and had Nick Nolti (spelling?).

I was about 16 and went there with my mates. "Teacher" was so bad that ppl were leaving after the first 15 minutes in disgust. My mate and I, through a fit of boredom, decided to have a farting competition. He let rip a damn good one, but unfortunately for him it was during a loud part of the movie.

My turn....

There's not to many times in a man's life when they have a momentous flatulence moment, but when we do, they tend to be very memorable. This was one of them. I'd had the pleasure of dining at the local Hungry Jacks and partook of their delicious Onion Rings.

Onion Rings + Grunter = some nasty bi-products.

.... I'd felt the rumbling early on and thought to myself "I've got a chance at Gold here". I've lifted the cheek, grabbed a lungful of air and prepared to let her rip. Perfect timing, not a sound was coming from the movie.


I dead set thought I'd broken something. A bunghole is not designed to deal with the acoustics from a noise that loud. There was a moments of pause, where I thought I'm either going to get thrown out or at least asked to wash the seat.

 But no.

I swear to god this is true, but I received a smattering of applause then, I couldn't believe it, I got a standing ovation.

I swell with pride even now when I think of it. It was that impressive we even gave it a name.... The Drone.

As to the movie, when my mates and I left shortly after, there were about 5-6 ppl still there, either still convinced that the movie had to get better, or unconsious and bleeding from the eardrums from the the fart of the decade.

Teachers, what a movie.

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