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'Rural revolution' headed for downtown Ottawa

April 8 2004 at 7:11 AM
Anonymous  (Login steelblue)


Protest hits road

'Rural revolution' headed for streets of downtown Ottawa

By TOM VAN DUSEN, Ottawa Sun

"Far from being the conclusion of a series of protests, Hillier said the Ottawa rally could be just the beginning, depending on the response to LLA concerns. Lack of response will bring further actions such as "manure and sawdust" blockades of downtown government office buildings, he warned. "

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(Login steelblue)

Toronto is next and WHO else want to come?

April 8 2004, 7:16 PM 

Todays demonstration a huge sucess.

"Get out of our business"

Rural Eastern Ontario did everyone a big favour today for speaking on behalf of everyone concerning private property rights.

They said it like it is and that message is we don't need you pavement lickers and professional job squatting grant receiving special interest group funded losers to dictate to anyone.

That goes for the Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments.

I hear CHINA is instituting private property rights in their constitution, which makes Canada appear to be a more like a banana republic daily.

We did not ask for our private property rights to be removed in 1982, and it appears people want these rights restored, and looks to be non negotiable.

Mind your own business and no CHOICE.


(Login steelblue)

900 angry farmers

April 23 2004, 3:23 PM 

Upset farmers get Calvert's ear on taxes

"Nearly 900 angry farmers showed up on the steps of the provincial legislature Thursday afternoon, to voice their growing displeasure with the high levels of education tax on rural land."


2004: The year of corrections

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