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House of Morons (Commons)

May 5 2004 at 7:25 AM
noLIES  (Login steelblue)


Political rivals take it outside


A pair of political heavyweights verbally duked it out yesterday over Adscam. The gloves came off in the Commons shortly after question period began when Conservative Deputy Leader Peter MacKay suggested Canadians still don't know "who took the money and where did it go" despite attempts by a committee to determine what happened to $100 million paid out in commissions for little or no work.

Treasury Board President Reg Alcock took exception to the suggestion money was "stolen." "If the member is convinced of his position and the facts in this case, let him step outside of the chamber and restate it," challenged Alcock, who is 6-foot-6 and weighs about 245 lbs.

The 6-1, 190-lb. MacKay sprung to his feet, making his way outside the Commons and gesturing to Alcock to do the same.


Reg Alcock may be surprised at how many Canadians would be willing to meet outside the House of Morons(Commons) for a challenge.

The fact remains that Canadian taxpayers pay these goons salary and they are tired of the manipulation, deceit, lies, influence peddling, collusion, and "payola for friends" while taking away the rights of Canadians, and failing to uphold Justice in Canada.

Reg Alcock has started a new trend of degenerate Ottawa Federal political intimidation...following Bob Chiarelli.


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