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Applying Queer Theory for Tobacco Prevention

May 27 2004 at 11:03 AM
noLIES  (Login steelblue)

MAY 24 - Tobacco News from Canada

Editorial - Forces Canada Endorses The Conservative Party of Canada in the June 28,2004 Federal Election.

Comment from Warren Klass, President of Forces Canada.

“More people smoke in Canada that vote Liberal in Federal elections.” The National Post.

May 25,2004.I am going to digress from the usual Forces Canada format that deals with the tobacco news from Canada to make a special plea to the smokers of Canada-please go to the polls on June 28 and vote Conservative.

I have been asked many times over the past few years, how we can change the treatment of smokers in Canada. My reply has been at the ballot box. This is the first time in 10 years that the Liberal Party looks beatable. For the past decade, Liberal Party doctrine has been to make our lives as miserable as possible. If you want to change things, then please go to the polls on June 28th and tell the Liberal Party-I’VE HAD ENOUGH!

The best reason for getting rid of the Liberal Party is that they are the patrons of a $500 million PARASITE INDUSTRY. $500 million of YOUR TAX DOLLARS every year goes to PARASITES like The Non-Smokers Rights Association, Physicians For A Smoker Free Canada, The Cancer Society, The Lung Association and a whole mob of unnecessary duplicates to spread lie after lie in the media, push for smoking bans, and increased cigarette taxes and to spread a campaign to”de-normalize”you. Millions are spent to send PARASITES into the schools to tell your kids lies like:” Mommy and Daddy are poisoning you with second-hand smoke.”

These PARASITES make annual salaries of hundreds of thousands. Millions more are spent on nauseating television commercials-that serve to buy off the media from examining their bogus claims and antics. More millions are pissed away on things like winter conferences on Teen smoking in Miami, while you spent $10 on a pack of cigarettes and are forced to smoke them in the freezing cold.

Here is a sample from a recent conference attended by legions of Canadian anti-smoking PARASITES, whose attendance was paid for by The Liberal Party. The PARASITES are now targeting homosexual smokers as part of “Tobacco Control.” Here is a sample of how The Liberal Party spends your tax dollars:

“Applying Queer (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender) Theory for Tobacco Prevention Messages.

Participants will be able to identify domains of Queer Theory in relation to message construction for tobacco prevention. Participants will be able to analyze messages from the tobacco industry and learn their impact in defining queer culture. Participants will learn of resources to learn how to apply Queer Theory for the development of prevention initiatives.

The workshop will identify key learning’s from Queer Theory and their implications for tobacco prevention and consumption messages.

The workshops will provide participants tools for analyzing tobacco prevention messages from a Queer paradigm.”

Have you ever heard anything as gut-wrenchingly nauseating as this? Or as patronizing? This is the $500 million a year Liberal Party PARASITE INDUSTRY that wants to”de-normalize” us.

If you have HAD ENOUGH of the Liberal Party PATRONAGE MACHINE squandering $500 million a year of YOUR MONEY on these PARASITES-then please vote Conservative on June 28th.

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