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Banana Republic of Canada (Liberal)

May 29 2004 at 7:13 PM
noLIES  (Login steelblue)

PARASITES: If they cannot buy you, bribe you, swindle you, lie to you, manipulate you, threaten you, fine you, and bankrupt you, they will fix a general election.

Backroom deal aided Grits, PCs

'He made a ... bad mistake'

By GREG WESTON, Hill Bureau

CALGARY -- Just when it seemed federal politics couldn't get any sleazier, the Sun has learned that a group of powerful Tory and Liberal backroom operatives secretly conspired to bolster the Grit national campaign and skew the results in a number of ridings in the last federal election. Two weeks before Jean Chretien called the country to the polls in October 2000, reliable sources say a small group of top Tory officials cut a secret deal to help Jean Chretien's ultimately successful national campaign for a third majority government.

In return, the Liberals agreed to throw the vote in the Calgary Centre riding of then-Tory leader Joe Clark.

In what may have been a series of similar deals, sources say, the Tories also agreed to "stand down" to help Liberal Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan hang on to her Edmonton seat, which she won by only 733 votes.

Sources refuse to divulge details of what, exactly, the Tories agreed to do for the Liberals. One would say only that the deal "without question, helped them (the Liberals) nationally.

"They got what they wanted ... They were able to do some things right away (in the campaign) that they otherwise couldn't have done. The benefit to them was far beyond Calgary. The election was effectively over after the first week."


If a backroom pact got McLellan elected in 2000, she is in dire trouble this time around as Liberal popularity tanks in Alberta.

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If it waddles...

May 30 2004, 11:58 AM 

"If it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck and it is a member of the Liberal Party of Canada it is most likely Anne McLellan".

Back room deals to keep your riding is something that Allan Rock should be asked about, since he is representing Canada at the UN, and would be the authority on what actions the United Nations take when they find blatant political collusion in those countries they refer to as "Banana Republics".

Of course Allan Rock got promoted out of Canada, to keep the media off his back as to not answer questions concerning the numerous million & billion dollar boondoggles, adscams etc, which are not that at all, but criminal activity disguised as mistakes.

One does not have to wonder any more why Joe Clark is supporting a Liberal Government after being a Conservative Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party. He has the Liberal Party of Canada to thank for keeping him in the House of Commons since the year 2000.

Allan and Annie have a lot in common, and it is not in the interest of Canadian democracy.

more to come...

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