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Heather Crowe road show act

July 28 2004 at 11:34 AM
noLIES  (Login steelblue)

Poor Heather Crowe. Relegated to a road show act after be diagnosed as a victim of secondhand smoke, she can't find a real doctor who will testify that she got lung cancer working amongst the smokers. Even the lawyers are giving her a wide berth. Warren Klass reports on a twist that elevates her act from the banal to the truly bizarre.

With the Canadian health system tottering towards destruction, Toronto finds some tax dollars to hire a gang of people as smoke police. On the plus side, one clever strip joint is now a private, not-for-profit club that caters to smokers.

After cooperating with the rabid anti-smokers who foisted a smoking ban on a community, the local rag is begging for masses of non-smokers to make up for the lost patronage of the smokers who refuse to be treated like secondclass citizens.

City Hall in Winnipeg got a breath of fresh air after the election when several anti-tobacco operatives, whoops, politicians, were booted out and a progressive who values choice was swept into power with a landslide.

Smoking bans are good for business preaches the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. Talk about refusing to face reality. Business is down 50% in the summer. Wait until winter when the losses will drive many small businesses out of business.


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August 6 2004, 4:42 PM 

Can't get any testimony out of any doctors?

Awww...I guess none of them is willing to look like an idiot.

Like I said before, the only way that this SHS thing is ever going to be put to rest is if you put SHS on trial. Even if Heather managed to find a quack who is willing to risk what's left of his or her professional reputation and testify that SHS is akin to mustard gas, she'd lose.

Big time!

Any lawyer armed with medical experts and scientists would rip those meta-analysis studies to shreds, which is why Heather will never make it to court.

They used a poor, uneducated woman to further their own political gain. If I were Heather, I would sue the anti-smoking lobby for using her, but then, knowing the slimebags that they are, they probably had her sign a waiver of some kind to avoid prosecution. I mean, the city of Toronto and the anti-smoking lobby backtracked on a deal with the DSR owners and the ORHMA on the DSRs here, so that should tell you how much these bottom feeders should be trusted. It was a signed, sealed and delivered contract, which they reneged on.

I sincerely do feel sorry for Heather Crowe. She was duped. And now she's broke....do any of them care?


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