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The deceit of Canadians

October 4 2004 at 7:17 PM
noLIES  (Login steelblue)

The Ottawa Lies...

Watching the sponsorship scandal on CPAC gives a true and sickening picture on how Canadians have been swindled & deceived by Ottawa failures, to the tune of hundreds of millions and perhaps reaching billions,(HRDC, GUN CONTROL, SMOKING BAN'S) and we haven't even started with the multi million dollar National Defence billing scam (DND). The players in this scenario do define the true Ottawa job squatting failure, WHO have been funding the numerous imbiciles that have destroyed your businesses. I spoke to the President of an international tourism company last week, and for the present time they are not interested in Canada. The quotation was "Canadians will have to decide if they are socialists or capitalists". There is no culture in visiting socialists, and any other lies that defy the truth will remain a huge problem for Canadians, as the word has spread that Canada is the not a favoured destination, for obvious reasons. The Ottawa thieves should turn on CPAC and watch themselves making complete asses out of Canadians, while getting their rocks off bleeding the rest of us with their special interest paycheck.

Every time I hear of a special interest group getting closed down in Ottawa, I go to Gatineau for a few pints

Shut up and mind your own business fools...

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