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Fraud Exposed

October 5 2004 at 8:03 PM
noLIES  (Login steelblue)

"If the scenario I'm suggesting seems implausible to you, consider how implausible the alternative scenario - the "official" Heather Crowe story that we are all expected to just accept and never question - really is...

- Heather Crowe's diagnosing doctor "just happens" to describe her cancer to her using a medically invalid term which precludes any possible cause for her cancer other than the one cause that would make her of value to "the anti-second-hand smoke forces".

Then, the following events take place - all of them BEFORE her biopsy results and/or the outcome of her compensation claim are known;

- Heather Crowe, a low-income worker facing financial ruin because she has cancer, nevertheless invests some of her precious financial nest egg into hiring a lawyer to help her with a worker's compensation claim based on exposure to SHS in the workplace and persists with the claim even though her lawyer tells her it will be "an uphill battle".

- She "just happens" to run into Dr. Robert Cushman, one of Canada's foremost anti-smoking advocates and a very probable member of "the anti-second-hand smoke forces" that are searching for a 'perfect victim', and he helps her to recruit influential former customers to support her compensation claim. He does this, even though the results of her biopsy are not known yet.

- The day after her biopsy is performed, still long before the result is known, a regular customer of hers who is an assistant deputy minister for Health Canada, and responsible for the government's anti-smoking programs, including ads running on television and in movie theatres - named Dann Michols - "just happens" to ask her about her health. After she tells him, he immediately recruits her to appear in a series of very expensive commercials - despite the fact that there is no documentation, such as biopsy reports or a successful compensation claim, at that time to support her contention of contracting cancer from SHS in her workplace. An initial ad is even filmed almost immediately.

- Not long after, Heather Crowe "just happens" to call up Cynthia Callard of Physicians for a Smoke-free Canada, who "just happened to be in the office that night, emptying the garbage," 2
ostensibly to ask "if we could help her with some research for a worker's compensation case." 2

"Callard immediately realized that Crowe might be the "face" that the anti-second-hand smoke forces were searching for..."2, and "In a matter of days, Crowe attended an information meeting in Perth about a possible smoking ban." 2

Remember, the results of her biopsy are still not known, yet she has the temerity to publicly identify herself - at that meeting - as someone who is doomed to die from exposure to second-hand smoke; "Barry McKay, general manager of Pubco, the Pub and Bar Coalition of Ontario, which is fighting the ban across the province, said at this meeting there was no proof second-hand smoke had killed anyone.
Crowe stood to speak: "I've been a waitress in smokey restaurants for 40 years. When I die, I will make sure someone delivers a copy of my death certificate to you," she said. Crowe, the activist, had emerged." 2

- Shortly after this, her biopsy results come out and they are alleged to provide evidence that;
"She really did have inoperable cancer caused by cigarette smoke." 2
Conveniently, however, she chooses not to ever release the biopsy report publicly, preventing any objective assessment of the validity of this claim.

- Then, in a coincidence more startlingly unlikely than any found outside of religious texts about divine intervention; "The riveting ads [of Heather Crowe] began airing across Canada on Oct. 9. That same day, Crowe received startling news. She had won compensation." 2
If you can believe that Health Canada would approve her ads for airing without knowing in advance that her compensation claim would be approved - then I have some ocean-front property in Saskatchewan you might be interested in purchasing...

- And finally; "...with the worker's compensation victory, which acknowledged she acquired cancer from second-hand smoke, she suddenly had clout behind her message. In November, Crowe sent a letter to all 14 federal, provincial and territorial labour ministers, responsible for workplace health and safety, asking them to ban smoking in all workplaces, with no exceptions."
"I am the canary in the coal mine for the hospitality industry," Crowe wrote. "It would be like ignoring the fact that the canary in the restaurant has stopped singing, and sending the workers to certain danger, and perhaps death." 2

Now "the anti-second-hand smoke forces" had their "perfect victim", and a perfect activist on top of that, at just the perfect time! And along the way of her "becoming", every member of these anti-second-hand smoke forces she encounters accepts her story of contracting cancer through SHS exposure in her workplace - without any documentary evidence - and enlists her as a public spokesperson for them, even though they would all end up publicly discredited for all time if either her biopsy or her compensation claim had not turned out the way they needed them to.

No. A far more plausible version of events would have many of "the anti-second-hand smoke forces" quietly conspiring in the background, to "put the fix in" for her biopsy results and compensation claim to go exactly as they wished them to - enabling all the people she encounters to have total confidence in their eventual outcomes and to act on the basis of that foreknowledge without any worries of a nasty surprise lying in wait for them."

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