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Ontario Government: " Do not obey the courts"

October 19 2004 at 6:13 PM
noLIES  (Login steelblue)

Your in deep trouble...

The Ontario Government has publicly stated that the Ontario Appeals Court is not to be honoured, so this means that anyone having a problem anywhere can do what the Ontario Government just did a few days ago, by laughing at the Court.

This action has demonstrated that Justice is only for the working stiff and small business, and Governments exempt themselves from Justice for your money.

It's called two-tier Justice and it just happened in Ontario because the Government of Ontario just did it.

If you think that you should continue to listen to the epidemic of morons with their new laws and bylaws that they themselves break when it pleases them, good luck.

Your Government has stated your Courts are worthless...Oh-Canada.



"A recent court ruling that deemed invalid a red-light ticket issued in Kitchener was an isolated case and does not have ramifications for other drivers, Harinder Takhar said yesterday.

"Listen, the ticket is still valid and they should still pay the tickets," Takhar said before heading into a morning caucus meeting.

"I think this is one ticket that was challenged."

The cameras snap a photo of the licence plate of a vehicle that enters an intersection after the light has turned red. Anyone caught on camera faces a $190 fine.

Takhar insisted drivers pay all past and future fines, even though a judge said last week the cameras violate Highway Traffic Act regulations by failing to clearly show the date, time and location of the infraction."

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