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Why is the intake of alcohol as an average higher for men than for women? >>

December 11 2001 at 6:42 PM

Lord Arran  (Login Lord__Arran)
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There are of course exceptions, but generally men consume more alcohol than women. Why? Because women are more sensitive to alcohol than men because the enzyme alcohol-deshydrogenase, which degrades the alcohol, is two times less active in women than in men.

If a woman needs only one inch of Porto to be in good mood, men would need half a bottle to equal women. The men’s liver is of course very happy with it.

According to the research of professor Frezza, if the intake of woman would be 80 grams a day (the approximate equivalent of one bottle of wine) we would see 72% of Cirrhosis in women against “only” 42% in men.

As an average after 55 years of age men consume about 2,3 times of the ladies intake.

Yet, wine, and particularly red wine of the Bordeaux type is healthy against cholesterol, but –as always in life- the question is how much.

For tonight we’ll merry merry be, tomorrow we’ll be sober.


Lord Arran

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