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Why do we dip croissants into our milked coffee at breakfast? Some history >>

March 27 2002 at 6:23 PM

Lord Arran  (Login Lord__Arran)
Comm center


Each and every Doc will tell you that there is nothing more indigestible than coffee, milk and croissants to begin the day.

From whence does come this habitude? I am told that it comes from Vienna, capital of Austria, which was under siege by the Turks (Ottomans) in the 17th century. With help of the prince Charles of Lorraine and the king of Poland and in violent battles the Ottomans could be thrown back. The latter flew in a disorderly manner and left behind lots of sacks of coffee.

A certain Kulyesiski, hero of the battle, got hold of the sacks of coffee. And there and then in the year 1683 he did three famous things: He opened the first Vienna Café of history, alimented by his stock. Since he had no sugar and to “sweeten” the rather bitter taste of the coffee he used milk with the coffee. And last but not least he served some newfangled things in the form of the Turkish quarter moon: THE CROISSANT. To these days the Turkish flag still bears the quarter moon in a laying position. The croissant should serve as a reminder of the victory over the Turks.

And hence the trilogy thence to hitherto: Coffee, milk and croissants.

I am about to leave for breakfast and shall not fail to drink coffee, milk and have a croissant or two, the latter are marvelous here and I cannot wait.

Very hungrily yours

Lord Arran

At 9:18am and not yet fed

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