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Steve's doesn't chop the steak...

August 3 2002 at 3:58 PM
Ross  (no login)

Response to Here's to the Bullies of Broad Street

Hi Peter,

'Steve's Prince of Steaks' doesn't chop the meat and the steak is nice and tender.

OK, here's the REAL way to make you own homemade cheesesteak. Trust me, it works.

You must use RIBEYE sliced very, very thing. Use a good quality. Have your butcher slice it for you.

Italian bread should also be used. If the bread it too thick, scoop out some of the bread inside.

I think a great cheesestake should only have fried onions added, cooked with the ribeye.

OK, here's the biggest secret. Cheese Wiz. Yes, you read correctly. Use that and you'll never have a cheesesteak any other way.

Fry the ribeye and onions in a bit of vegetable oil. It will cook very quickly, so be careful.

Top with ketchup or mustard as you see fit. I recommend a dash of hot sauce.

There you have it, the perfect cheesesteak away from Philly.

I'm hungry now, and need to go to the store.



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