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About the wines Hans has explained:

September 14 2002 at 10:52 PM

Lord Arran  (Login Lord__Arran)
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Response to Now I am REALLY Jealous!


Les vins

What wine do you order to go with a sequence of 18 different dishes which are kept a secret from you ? We figured that champagne goes with practically everything and so started with a bottle of the crisp and delicious Laurent Perrier Rose Brut. That was followed by a bottle of Mersault from Chateau Mersault which I've had on previous occassions and very much like for it's almost Californian, oaky style. Many dishes into the meal, one of the very attentive and pleasant waiters informed us that a foie-gras dish was coming up. As we were already on the road of no return, a half bottle of eiswein from the Alsace was quickly ordered. It went perfectly with the foie gras and fig and goat cheese courses that were to follow.

Red wine with red meat is a simple rule to follow. The sommelier, who was in the know of the dishes which were about to come, recommended a Beaune 1er Cru Les Perrieres from Domaine Leroy. It proved to be an excellent choice and provided the perfect silky and spicy experience to accompagny the lamb and duck courses. I am proud to mention the fact that I passed on the after-dinner cognac that night and my liver thanked me for it. But seriously, 18 - in fact 19 - dishes sounds like terribly much to eat and three and a half bottles of wine really is a bit too much for three people. But the courses all came in small portions and the cooking at the Villa de Lys is flavorful and light and uses very little cream or butter. At the end of our four and a half hour meal we of course realized that we had eaten and drunken a lot but I never felt overfilled or even drunk for the matter.

Hoping that you agree with our choice and have a nice weekend

Lord Arran

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