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November 9 2002 at 9:44 PM

MTF  (Login MelvynTeillolFoo)
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Response to thanks sincerely for the illuminating (and disturbing) link (nt)

I belong to a company that used to own the aspartame division. It was spun-off recently.

As this is a forum for epicurean delights, it is not appropriate to turn this into a toxicology debate, especially as none of our members authored the article posted. I have to comment on the scientific rationale as a matter of principle.

Many of the references were not researched-based journals which is suspect practice for making scientific conclusions. By the way, I did medical research on aspartame before I joined the company so this is not a 'company' biased rebuttal.

I believe, like everything we consume and discuss on this forum, aspartame should be partakened in moderation. As Lord Arran pointed out, even 1 gallon of mulled wine seems excessive!

What is moderate? Our esteemed colleague should be assured that his exposure to 30 doses a day has been exceeded on a weight for weight basis in studies, without detectable detriment. As a matter of taste however, it seems a higher than average intake. Who said our friend was average .

Regards, melvyn

May we hightened our senses and enjoy the glories before us.

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