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Part 2: Raw vegetables you would not eat >>

February 22 2003 at 1:29 AM
MTF  (no login)

Response to You will probably say "duh" at this question on raw veggies...

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About the only common plant product you would NOT eat raw are certain legumes or beans which have to be soaked in water repeatedly and cooked well to eliminate the poisons e.g. fava beans if improperly prepared will make you very ill. People who additionally, have a genetic G6PD deficiency can die from fava bean consumption. So, if it kills you, why do people still inherit the genetic tendency? Scientists found that G6PD deficiency is actually a defence against malaria, which is also prevalent in areas where fava beans are found. So even though a few people die from fava beans, more evolutionary advantage would come from those who are protected from malaria.

The areas were Greece, Southern Italy and Aegean islands. Another genetic type is found in the North Africa, particularly Egypt and Morocco. With emigration and cross breeding, the genes are not confined to those countries today.

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