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February 5 2004 at 4:36 AM
nickd  (no login)

Response to As a big fan of both organ meats and pork I would give a lot to eat. . .


If you were ever in Europe on a pig-bit eating expedition, you ought to pop over to Germany during the autumn. There's a traditional dish called a sclachtplatter (if I've spelt it correctly) - which charmingly translates as slaughter dish. All the bits you find inside a pig and that need to be eaten rapidly. I remember with horror the first time someone threatened me with one in a gasthoff near Stuggart. Not my cup of tea

Lyon has a tradition of tripe dishes and various other "insides". They tend to be presented in pale-coloured sauces which don't help make them look appetising. The famous tablier de sapeur is apparently excellent. I am willing to accept the opinions of those willing to try it. There are also the (in)famous andouille and andouillette which are sausages made from pig's stomach. They can be good, they can be truly appalling. I like the smoked ones barbecued with a heavy red to digest them.

My attitude to offal is that there's probably a good reason $DEITY hid these bits and pieces deep inside the animal, and who am I to go against divine intentions

Phobias are funny things. I can fly in a plane without batting an eyelid, but if I swallowed enough Vallium to enable me to confront offal I'd probably be too unconcious to swallow


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