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Gastronomic Osysseys

March 6 2004 at 11:42 AM

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Hi ya'll,

I’ve been without a computer for several months and just received my Pentium 4 laptop, with wireless DSL internet; it’s fabulous. I’ve read several months of the site’s descriptions and pictures of gastronomic odysseys; thank you all for sharing your superbly documented, vivid memoirs. I’ve savored each post, particularly on crabs. I'm partial to entire process of catching, cooking and dining on blue crab. This was my families Sunday evening fare my whole life. Whereas while dining out I'd prefer fried soft shell as an entree or on a dressed po boy (ala baguette). I've had the unique experience of holding a crab during the entire process of molting (shedding it's hard shell); awsome phenomena of nature.

I was aware that some cultures eat what we revere as “man’s best friend” – dog. When I read Richards recollection of dining on Poodle, and the process of how it was prepared, I winced. Had he said dog, my reaction would have been less shocked…but a Poodle!!!

Well Richard, I have an explicit cookbook from the late 1800 hundreds walking a wife thru the entire process of slaughtering to presentation of such delicacies as Hogs Head Cheese. My favorite recipe was the step by step process of “How To Cook Husband”! Typing it out wouldn’t do it justice; I’ll attempt to scan the process for you. Yum!



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