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Hot Dog Hot Pot in ChangChun CHINA

September 12 2004 at 7:37 AM

Richard Hatter  (Login amchk)

On a recent business trip to china I was invited to a sprciality restautrant serving DOG HOTPOT.
The dog a=was really delicious servrd cold and then in a delicious hot pot - Changchun is very close to the Korean border where Dog is a real favourite...

The As Says Dog HotPot for 38 Reminbi about 4 US$

The dog served slided cold as an appetiser with a chili dip

Served with other local delicacies and a big hot pot of tea

Sam and Angus two of my colleagues who took us there digging in

Dog is rather like Lamb ....

Excuse the quality they were taken with my TREO PDA camera which needs more light really.
Off to Beijing next week to see what else I can find ..
I hear Silk worm pupae are delicious too.
Richard Hatter

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