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Very true! Very interesting and I only have a few introspective thoughts on the matter...

April 25 2006 at 12:49 PM

Andrew H  (Login 219)
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Response to Interesting management problem - so how does a business model

Part of the problem might be in the durability of the product/service in question. If the product/service is ephemeral, then the ability of someone other than the originator to re-produce it is seemingly lost. Hence, the ability to cook in the same way as the 'master' is both difficult and verging on the impossible. There is something imbued in the actual 'doing' or in this instance 'cooking' that makes the task of replication virtually impossible.

The only way to develop what I would call a 'business model' would be to allow the DNA to mutate! Others have to be brought on board to change the service/product in a way that is 'allowed'. Allowed being that it is accepted that the service or product will move in that direction. Providing the creative part is creative, the product/service will 're-invent' itself and the only problem becomes moving a rather large 'inert' opinion on what change can mean.

Mass-produced, by its very nature can be produced by anyone and it lends itself to organization. But even then, almost as if there are 'ghosts in the machine' some products are better produced than others. The human element is pervasive in anything 'produced'.

Sometime, you must let me know your thoughts on this.

Andrew H

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