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Not Grazing Again Shanghainese in Singapore

June 21 2007 at 10:51 AM

MTF  (Login MelvynTeillolFoo)
AP Moderators

Dear WFEDders,

I'm not grazing again ..................

Unimpressive entrance
Impressive queues outside

This means nothing to non-readers of ancient chinese

This means everything to readers of modern beer labels

Meatballs - the Universal Food Group
I bet even Klingons and Narn have some form of meatballs.

"Tastes like chicken"

Terracotta clay sculpture?

Ma-po tofu with crab meat and roe

Shanghainese Xiao Long Pow dumplings
Cunning exploding pastries of scalding broth

Giant prawns in salted duck egg yolk sauce
The best dish of the evening IMHO

Fried rice

Didn't taste like chicken
Stir-fired vegetables with pork and gluten/soya "lasagna"

Looks like peach but tastes like chicken......only kidding
Actually filled with sweet red bean paste.

For those with a yearning in Singapore



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