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Another NON-Chill filtered distraction -- Laphroaig >>

February 10 2011 at 11:33 AM

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I've been a little distracted by my most recent purchase before Christmas.

A rare (for Singapore) bottle of Laphroaig Quarter Cask........


48% alcohol and NOT chill-filtered. The maturation in quarter sized casks makes for more surface area contact with the oak and greater exposure to the sea air in Laphroaig's No.1 Warehouse on the seashore. What does all this mean?  I'm not an expert but the olde tonsils have been in contact with many a dram "for medicinal purposes" over the years; I suffer from the quincy, you know.  happy.gif

NOSE: Smoldering peat, sweet malt and lemons.
TASTE: Smoke to begin, sweet Malteasers in the middle.
FINISH: Very long, ending dry with smoke and cloves.

Classic Laphroaig; reminescent of the first dram I had back in 1979, and before they gentrified it for the 'lay-dees' in the 21st century. The regular Laphroaig stuff these days is like clootie dumpling......bleehhhch.

You should come to our 10th anniversary  IGOTT-2 in Las Vegas 30 May 2011; we could knock back a dram or three!



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