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New York meals

August 17 2011 at 9:43 PM
Julian  (Login
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The following is a summary of most of the restaurants we ate at in NY

There are few in Pennsylvannia such as Cafe Chocolate in Ititz and Crystal springs farm house which we really enjoyed. Not sure that I would specifically make a detour out there but if you are in the area, weel worth a visit.


Blue ribbon sushi - in the west village. I think similar owners to Blue Ribbon Bakery. 3.5/5. Excellent fresh sushi. Well presented. Good service

Snack. Small intimate Greek food. Great Greek coffee 4/5- 105 Thomson in Soho. worth a detour

Eleven Madison. Is it a tourist plAce. Or a food place? High end food. Or attraction sitting amongst all the tourists I am not sure.
Setting my standards very very high. I think it almost achieves it but not quite food is excellent but not superb. I felt a little cheated as I really wanted high end food but got good food Also tried the wine recommendation. Felt it was really lazy and could certainly be looked at again Quality is great with some highs but also some lows eg eggplant.

Worth it? Would I recommend it ? Still not sure4/5 Or should I rather have just gone to per se on be done with it

Eds lobster bar. 222 Lafayette. Great ambiance.Staff really helpful and friendly. Definitely try the lobster roll. Also lobster ale .worth a detour. 4/5

Arties deli. Typical upper west side deli. Split pea soup to die for. The rest is pretty ordinary. Large servings average quality.

Tipsy parson - chelsea ambiance. 4/5. Food 3.5/5. Interesting new cuisine. Southern foods eg fried green tomato grits All good

Abc kitchen. Good spot in the union square area. Good clean food but not on have to go list unless in the area. Union square market is great.

Lexington candy shop. Great spot on upper east. Fresh orange juice fresh and sweet. Bad coke!!! Excellent burgers. And salads Good service. Puts arties to shame

BlueHill- excellent quality foods, all local produce and really good quality which is bourne out by the meals. I think the food is almost as good as 11 Madison . Good wine list . Staff great. All our meals were superb 4/5 Recommended

Cafe chocolate in ltitz-a great find in Amish country. Eclectic mix of all foods. Mulligatawny soup. And bobotie. Who would have thought?

Crystals springs farm schneksville PA Delicious wet bottom shu fly pie

Odeon 145 west broadway
Upmarketish diner. Good for brunch, lunch or late night. Excellent omelets and grilled asparagus.


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