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There are many important variants to note

April 11 2012 at 8:13 PM

MTF  (Login MelvynTeillolFoo)
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Response to Little Beijing House, Melbourne


Now you have opened another can of worms.

You may be right that the clear soup at one of the restaurants is welcomed relief from the fatty duck.  In Beijing, at one of the 'original' establishments, the soup came before the main course as a teaser. Unfortunately, I do not have a photo from 2002 because the shock was enough to phase me. The current Mrs MTF and I did not drink the soup......I barely sipped a teaspoonful.  This was because it came as a milky white liquid that I discovered was an emulsion of duck fat in duck broth. At the end of the meal, the soup had separated into two layers of fat and water.....not a pretty sight.  happy.gif

The fat noodles at Little Beijing House is not common to find outside China and I am impressed that there you have it Down Under.  But wait, the fastest growing cuisines in Australia for the last decade are Vietnamese, Chinese (all regions and even from 're-exported' styles from Malaysia/Singapore/HKG), Korean and Japanese.  So, perhaps it is not a surprise after all!

Looking at the duck photos only, I would go for the one at Simon's but the noodles and other ancillaries at Little Beijing House; that's not accounting for taste.





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