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Dirt cheap red wine with Thanksgiving?

November 17 2001 at 9:16 PM
ei8htohms  (no login)

Hi Guys,
My girlfriend and I are buh-roke but would still like to enjoy some wine with our bird on Thursday. Unfortunately she only likes reds. Can anyone reccomend a good CHEAP pinot or other suitable red? I'm talking under $10 here. Under $5 would be swell.


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I saw this...

November 18 2001, 7:48 AM 

in the latest edition of Wine Spectator as one of their "Hot Wines" in the best value category (just been digging around the room trying to find the magazine):

Hedges Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot-Cabernet Franc-Syrah Columbia Valley 1999

I'd like to give you some detailed tasting notes, but I have tried it “yet”. They said it was $11, and it’s obviously a US publication and so that’s probably an accurate price. There are other wines I'd recommend, but I bought them in Blighty and a) I'm not sure how readily available they'd be in your neck of the woods and b) I'm not sure how the pricing translates from the UK to the US on these particular wines (sometimes wines appear significantly more expensive in either the US or UK depending upon the individual wine).

Have a great thanksgiving.



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AP Discussion Group

Since we are none of us S. Nobs here (te he) I will admit

November 18 2001, 9:03 AM 

that I have always been pleasantly surprised by Fetzer wines. Say what one may, the one's I've tried have been eminently drinkable, often under $10.

Also, there's an Oregon Pinot Noir (label has something to do with Eagles or Mountains...yeah, yeah, lot's of help, I know) that is also very nice, much better than the price would suggest, in the just over $10 range ($12 the last time I looked)

In fact, most Oregon Pinot Noir is quite good, but the one's I've tried are definitely from the "fruit bomb" school of New World Pinot, rather than the "barnyard" school of Burgundy.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Jeff Hart
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Just hit the wine shop yesterday >

November 18 2001, 9:30 AM 

My wife & I picked up a few cases yesterday, including a Di Majo Norante Sangiovese 2000. Believe this came in a $6.74 a bottle. It's a nice Italian red that should work well with a variety of foods from red meat to fowl.

Also picked up a case of Marquis Philips South Eastern Australia 2000 Vintage Shiraz. Very nice, don't exactly remember the price, I believe it was under $10, definitely under $15.00. Much more complexity than might be expected, good balance of spice & fruit.

Also restocked on the Jacques Selosse NV Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc's. While this is way over, at $39.00 a bottle would compare extremely favorably to champagnes at two to three times it's selling price.


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Thanks for all the info guys! I'll keep my eye out for some of those. (nt)

November 18 2001, 1:24 PM 


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