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Food discussion...

December 5 2001 at 4:45 PM
Tim Tang  (no login)

I was wondering if food discussion is allowed on this forum in the case when food is used to complement wine.

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only if it's chocolate

December 5 2001, 7:09 PM 

Hi Tim,
I'm sure most of us would be willing to entertain discussion about food or other gastronomic delights even if it didn't pertain to its enjoyment with wine. We've got a host of chocofiles here that occasionally share their tasting notes with us some I'm guessing other foods are ok as well.


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(Premier Login thepurist178)
AP Discussion Group

Of course (with all due respect to Andrew, our...

December 5 2001, 10:43 PM 

forum moderator )

Hi, Tim,

Glad you found your way over here. I was about to ask you to continue our budding epicurean dialogue on the AP forum over here...

Ruth Chris' is one of the safer bets for beef in Taipei (Trader Vics used to be great, but when I left Taipei about 18 months ago, their quality was uneven. Interesting that they both share a common owner, who of all things also owns the Swenson's Franchise...)

I strongly recommend you try Tutto Bello (call Samson Mui ahead of time and tell him I referred you, from the US...ask him to prepare their special beef and zabaglione for you, the way he used to do it for me...)

Also, for an incredible "smoked" duck breast and beef short ribs, try the little "pub" across An Ho Street from the Tuntex residential complex (where ex-PM. Siao W.C. lives). Mr. Chen also has a pretty fair selection of wine from around the world, and has it priced pretty reasonably. In fact, all his "smoked" meats, and including his lamb chops, are pretty awesome. (I don't remember the name of the restaurant right now, but it will come back to me.)

Ah...just writing about this brings back wonderful memories of many interesting meals...

I've deleted most of my dinner write ups from the server host for this site, as ThePurist178.com has evolved from a personal site to a community oriented site, but this one is still up -

Restaurant 106 in Taichung

Look forward to much food and wine views from you, Tim!



ps: sorry if my writing is a bit "fuzzy" - just got back from a Vacheron Constantin event, that was co-hosted by Wine Spectator and Beringer. The Chard, the meritage, and the Cabs (95 and 96) were very nice! ('96 much more approachable, drinkable now...the '95 was still too hard, a bit too closed and harsh at this time) but I am afraid I might have had a glass too many...funny how alcohol tolerance goes down as well as up...

You know, as I sit here typing this, I realize how sad I feel about not being able to write as much as I used to...I never realized how much time and effort ADMINISTERING and developing this site would take up, leaving me so very little time left to write, myself. I am very proud of how this site has developed, thanks to our loyal community members and to our staunch and active supporters like Andrew L and Tom G and John and Curtis and alex...the feeling is so bittersweet...This truly is a labour of love, a purist drive to share that which inspires us and which brings us much joy and enjoyment.


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(Login Stheno)

Sure, absolutely,...

December 6 2001, 2:45 AM 

and as the two below posts say, anything food related is more than welcome. I've jabbered on ad nauseum about why I like the "bite" of one chocolate over another, so basically anything compared to that is veritably high-brow .

Love hearing about restaurant experiences, even if it does make me salivate over my keyboard and pine a little when I look down and the limp looking sandwhich that constitutes lunch beside me.

Hope to see you around here more often.


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Tim Tang
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Thanks all for the warm welcome...

December 6 2001, 3:24 AM 

and thanks, Thomas, for the restaurant recommendations. I shall try them for sure when time permits.

My first write up will be the small dinner I'm cooking up on Monday night. I like to celebrate by making meals from scratch out of the best materials. They're not fancy but they are tasty and will make for fun photoessays. I'll try to incorporate the cooking process as well.


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