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Dinner at Die Fischerzunft, Schaffhausen

April 15 2002 at 2:01 AM
Peter Chong  (no login)

Following the recommendation of the gastronomist Lord Arran and Hans Zbinden, I made my first pilgrimage to Andre Jaeger's wonderful restaurant by the Rhine on the 5th, with three of my best buddies: Sutjahjo Ngaserin, Larry Wee, and Dr. Frank Muller. We had a wonderful time, and of course enjoyed the dinner. I cannot write prose beautiful enough to describe the meal, so must resign to leaving you with the pictures of the 4 courses this slightly greedy chap ate...:-)


Fish course:

Main course (also fish):


More gastronomic pictures from Switzerland soon...:-)

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Is Switzerland the new Mecca of Epicurean delights (more) ?

April 15 2002, 2:32 AM 

Fantastic restaurants, some of the best beef I've ever eaten, delicious cheeses, delicate wines and of course cigars, chocolate and...WATCHES!

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The mecca ? no

April 15 2002, 7:19 AM 

Hi alex

Excellent products are widely available in Switzerland and the country has some very good restaurants. I do wonder though about that great beef you had, it almost certainly came from the USA or Argentina. Swiss wine has it's followers but for me, the reds are generally too light and the whites to acidy, our chocolates and cheeses are pretty good though, the Swiss cigars smell just as bad as everywhere

But generally, I believe people in Italy and France - I don't know Spain well - eat better more often. There the culture of buying each product in a specialized store is much more alive than in the rest of Europe. They go to the baker for bread, the butcher for meat, the confiserie/pasticceria for sweets or the pastaria for the pasta and don't just get everything at a supermarket.



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Peter Chong
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for beef

April 15 2002, 10:00 PM 

I strongly prefer Japanese or Korean. Nicely marbled and literally melts in your mouth.

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Peter, what is the long yellow wedge in the dessert picture?...

April 15 2002, 3:27 AM 

Also, thanks for sharing. Top notch pictures!

Actually, another question. What was the fish that you had for your main course?



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Peter Chong
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the wedge for dessert

April 15 2002, 4:21 AM 

is a sliver of mango, coated with a wonderful, crisp crust of batter, and deep fried, on a bed of fresh strawberries, and two scoops of ice cream.

As for the fish, I forget...the food was so delicious, I did not to take notes. But it was very nicely pan fried, and so was the chunk of lobster by its side, and the two generous slices of deep fried squid, accompanied by creamed corn. And it came with a side dish with mango, cashews and a kind of dip, seen in the foreground. At the far end, is a very fragrant bowl of buttered and seasoned rice.

The fish course, was pan fried turbot, with a crab claw, served with a deep fried wanton bowl carrying a chutney.

The starter was poached shrimps, asparagus and deep fried spring roll, on a bed of salad.

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I'm delighted you took the trip

April 15 2002, 3:38 AM 

Hi Peter

I'm really glad you four great guys had the chance to sample such a wonderful restaurant and I'm glad you weren't disappointed by our recommendation.

I've celebrated some significant events at the Fischerzunft, one being the end of my army duty !



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(Login Lord__Arran)
Comm center

Sitting in my suite at the Shangrila Bangkok waiting for the baggage handlers >>

April 15 2002, 5:40 AM 

to leave soon to the airport (local time now 7:30pm), no dinner since we do not want to spoil the appetite for a beautiful dinner in the first class department of British Airways Bangkok to London at MIDNIGHT (departure said to be 11pm).

And of course I had to open the internet and go into my beloved forum. What do I perceive? This extraordinary dinner of yours. Not only did you describe it deviously, no, you had to publish the pictures too, all inclusive sauces and ingredients. I feel like Tantalus and do not know yet if I can withstand the next 4 1/2 hours.

Dear Peter, I am very happy indeed that you did go to the Fischerzunft, and even more so that you are happy and content and do not bring shame to the face of Hans and me.

I shall be on the forum again in 2-3 days maybe and if you continue to tempt me then I shall -before I open your missive- eat a little something.

Thank you for your report.

Very enviously yours

Lord Arran

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(Premier Login thepurist178)
Forum Owner

Thanks, Peter. Must try it when I'm next there...when are you there again? (nt)

April 21 2002, 2:55 AM 


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