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An incredibly fun site: www.airlinemeals.net

September 6 2002 at 4:12 AM
Hans Zbinden  (no login)

Hello Forumners

I only managed to get to work by 11:30 because I had been reading the hilarious "AirlineMeals.net, the world's first site dedicated to nothing but airline food" website all morning.

Readers photograph and rate the meals served on airlines, it's very entertaining. All those of you who like me fly economy will shudder at the memory of something like this:

Reading through a lot of the reviews, to me it sounded like the German Lufthansa has created quite a good concept for their business class.

Click here to visit AirlineMeals.net



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Nice site, Hans...

September 6 2002, 7:36 AM 

It is oddly compelling, isn't it!

There seems to be a right way to go with airline food and a patently WRONG way.

Things like this salami, ham and salad affair are good. There isn't too much that can go wrong with salad, assuming that it is fresh, and cold meat, assuming it is also fresh and, importantly, of good quality (and decent cold meat isn't too expensive to buy, and there's no real preparation). A hot meal is good, but there's too much that can go wrong with hot meals - then again, maybe most travellers, unlike me, welcome something hot, and taste can take a backseat. BA Club Class:

Herring and herring terrine. Lufthansa:

Muesli and berries. Concord:

How not to do it - here's some ropey looking steak from a BA flight. Steak is problematic, I'd imagine, and I'd think that the meat would become tough after sitting in an airplane galley for a few hours (there was no comment accompanying this one - maybe it was good, and I'm being overly critical). BA Club Class:

The beloved English breakfast. Mmmm... just look at that fat on the bacon - appetising, no? BA economy:

At the end of the day, I don't fly that often, and when I do it's short-haul and I don't really ever eat the airplane food, BUT if you're flying longer and you're STARVING hungry, you'll pretty much eat anything that isn't nailed down or on fire.



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AP Discussion Group

what a great site! I'll definitely be contributing there in the near future! (nt)

September 6 2002, 5:56 PM 


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