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i'm not real big on vet get togethers. they bring back too many bad memories plus i just generally don't play well with others. i do hope to make the smokeout this year though. i made 11. and i got all the way there for 12 riding up from arkansas but had to turn around literally at the gate when an atm machine ate my card sad.gif . i had just enough cash on me to buy gas to get me back to my moms house in tenn. the whole trip was a series of breakdowns and problems and losing my bank card was the proverbial straw.
hopefully i can make 13. i really want to take the longbike across country.
that's very interesting about the mia thing. and speaking of mias and vets there is a big need for people to get involved in their own communities helping out vets and their families. especially needed are other vets who are capable of volunteering their time and experience to help our less fortunate brothers. i'd like to see the horse get more involved with our servicemen. maybe a small vet fyi column or something along that line or a sponsored subscription program for va libraries or maybe some print support for grass roots fundraising bike shows. there's a lot that needs done and we all have a debt to these individuals.

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