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if you put six magnets in the rotor, you get North/South - South/North lining up as the rotor spins. Rewinding the coil into an alternator, gives you your power supply. An entire ignition system can now fit on a matchbook cover including the micro computer that reads RPM and ignition timing (Hall sensors)(surface mount technology). My design that is still in the CAD stage, has the alternator coil and ignition coils stacked.

Neodymium magnets are very strong for their size, and this allows you to package powerful systems in a small size. The real beauty is that all of these things are really old tech now. Hobbyists cut circuit boards with bench top CNC mini mills, then solder the boards using a slightly modified toaster oven of all things. Maybe its time to make a huge post of what I do to keep my sanity now that I can't ride anymore.

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