Long Roaders ,Stampeders Please read. Info for VIP lounge

by Randy (Login Sinrod)

This is to everyone past and present who has done the long road and gotten a medallion.. This is the 1st year for the VIP long road lounge I am sure many mistakes will be made but the lounge will rock. It will be open to
1 Anyone who has their medallion whether they rode this year or not
2 Everyone who signed up and rides this year
3 All Stampede Riders from this year

If your already a medallion holder you must have picture ID that matches the name of the medallion holder master list if you have a significant other with you they must be with you when you check in to get your lounge pass. This also applies to riders this year who complete the ride.

If you just show up for the long road and do not sign up with Uncle Ben you will not be on his roster
Hence you will not be given a pass for the lounge NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. So sign up now or make sure you sign up at the kick off party. Bens email is uncle_ben123@yahoo.ca.


Stampeders everything said applies to you as well I will get some type of roster from Charlie.

The lounge will be about in the same spot it was last year before the stampeders stole the couch and 10x 10 and moved it. We will have our own bike parking area as well. We will be there at opening on fri just bring your picture ID for check in to get your lounge pass..

We will be cooking some hamburgers and hot dogs if your a vegetarian(old word for bad hunter)Please contact me via email and I will make sure we have some non meat burgers for you.

Ride safe and fast I will see everyone at the rock

Randy aka Riz
Long road lounge team lead

In Soviet Russia, Sportster chop you!

Posted on Jun 12, 2012, 11:26 AM
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