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I wanted to all full coverage to my shovel before heading down to the smokeout. Insurance carrier requests a letter on motorcycle dealership letterhead attesting to the approx value of the bike so I called Shenandoah Harley here locally. I bought another bike there that they have done all the service on and I figure I've spent about $30K in their store over the last 6 years. So I figured it shouldn't be that big a deal for them to help out with the letter on the shovel even if it wasn't purchased there, maybe I'd have to pay $25 bucks to get it. WRONG!!!! Donnie, the sales mgr, told me he wanted $150 to sign his name on a one or two sentence letter. I complained to the GM who said they would do it for $50 and gave me more BS about how its a standard fee etc. Now, maybe it is, but damn, it ain't like I was asking for the world. Fortunately, the Valley Kawasaki owner up the road has offered to do it free of charge(just will take a bit more time out of my day to get it done) so I told the Shenandoah Harley dealer that he could shove his letter and his dealership up his ass if it costs $50 to get 5 min's attention after being a good customer for the last 6 yrs. Been kind of leaning of taking my softail elsewhere for service anyway but this sealed the deal.

Posted on Jun 16, 2012, 11:34 AM
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