My Big Mountain Run and Smokey Mtn. Trip Recap

by aj in ms (Login MotoPanic)

So I have been out of pocket as of late and the internet has been down for a few weeks, but I turned my Big Mountain Run trip into an 8 day, 7 night adventure and thought I would share my story. I didnt take as many photos this year and focused on riding my bike. It took a while to finally sit down, conjure up some words which could relay the experiences I had and felt like sharing. I focused on only the positive and left the BS out. I am not trying to divert traffic here, but thought some of you may want to see what Ive been up to and how the trip went. Also, through my newly acquired lack of employment and motivation from friends, I may try to focus more on writing instead of displaying a bunch of images with no back story. Here is the link to the story about the trip:
Check out the rest of the blog if you desire.

By the way, now that the internet is back on at the house I had a chance to go through the last several pages of the The Horse Forum. Although, I dont always post, Ive checked it daily for about the last decade it seems. Going back through the last several pages have reminded me how much I always like the posts in the summer time. The forum seems to change with seasons and warm weather always brings out more relevant motorcycle related content and discussion which is truly enjoyable and periodically inspiring. Basically, the above statement is what culminated into inspiration to share my motorcycle related story and adventure. Feedback and constructive criticism on the writing is welcome as well due to my current state of affairs. It may be the push I need to devote more time into it and actually edit my constipated thoughts into something people in the motorcycle community may care to read about.


Below is the bike I did it on with the addition of a stock sissy bar.




aj in ms

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