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Hey guys... Only really post on the swap side but was looking for a lil friendly advice from some shop owners on the forum.

I have been selling used jap parts online for the better part of 6 years. I pay the bills with it, Im good at it but I work minimally to say the least. This is mostly to spend time with the kids (ages 6,5 and 4) but me and my family are going to relocate to Boise Idaho (or general area) next spring. It is just for a change and seems like a place for us to be. We're good here in WV but just want to get away. anyway, She has transferred her nursing license and will be good to go, Im gathering enough cash to harbor us for a year with the bare necessities (rent, utilities, etc) for any "just in cases. I want to get out there and hit the ground running n get a lil more serious about keeping my business on a higher financial level and aiming towards growth instead of getting by.

My goal is get in the area, find the largest, cheapest secure storage and start buying some inventory off the bat to get rolling there so I can get some sort of flow happening right off the bat. I dont need a ton of room because I shop carefully for my resale items and can sometimes get by with doing one bike at a time depending on my amount of room at the moment.

But, my goal out there is to enventually get to a point where my business grounds serves 2 purposes: 1) my online parts sales and 2) service. I want the frontal of my operation to be a shop (growing slowly please) and possibly try and hire 1 really good MC Mechanic to handle a client base and go from there. I can lend a hand when needed and handle a lot of mechanical repairs and parts changing when needed but I need to stay focused on parts when necessary. you get the gist I hope

Hoping to get input as far as the basic shop tools to start with to get me by when starting off (I am loaded with a good box of hand tools and basic power and air tools)... but how do you feel amount manual tire changing stands, static balancers, axle and triple tree lifts... things of that nature. Hows about diagnostics? Is there a good computer software with cables for most bikes out? or do most models have flash code systems? I havent a clue . I know what the parts are, what they look like and the jobs they perform, lol, thats it.

How about insurance and liability rights or whatever for bikes stored in your shop or area??? whats your take there?

Anything I may be missing?

Thanks in advance

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