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Well the VA has finally gotten around to addressing part of the problems you saw on my CT/MRI/MRA scans from 2008 & 2009. Even though they have consistently said that there was not a problem with any of my herniated disks or the cyst in my brain they can no longer deny the problems in my C-spine so they are now saying that is the cause of all my problems. (Yeah Right!)

At any rate the reason for my concern & the reason for asking for your advice on the subject is after my 3rd epidural (1st one was April 10th, 2nd one on May 30 & last one on July 3rd even though they said I could only get one done every 3 months) I noticed they had done a blood patch in addition to what I thought I was there for? ??? They also say in my records that I was advised of all procedures & signed a consent form. Uhm NOPE until I read the paperwork AFTER the fact I had no idea WTF a blood patch was.

After my 1st spinal tap I felt immediate relief & my legs felt numb I like they were made out of rubber. It was pretty nice for about 7 days then by 10 days I was right back where I was before the steroid/Novocain? Tap. The 2nd one didnt go so well & I left in way worse shape than I arrived & had a headache from hell that has still not gone away. My 3rd one was as bad if not worse.

They then sent me to Fayetteville to have some kind of shots into my trigger points. All they did in Fayetteville was to push, prod & say take up yoga. (this is the same place that years ago had told me my headaches would go away if I would just cut my damn hair, which is when I started growing my hair out the last time around. They also wanted me to do some exercises (all of which caused MUCH more pain) along with putting me in a traction device.

Yeah right the last time I did that I couldnt move for months. I declined they got pissed off & said they couldnt find any records of any problem & since I wasnt a candidate for surgery there was nothing else they could do for me BUT they would not release me until I consented to the traction device . So they made me go back for more torture at a latter date. I had my 2nd spinal tap then was sent back to Fayetteville for further therapy (Yeah Right! I meant to say torture)

More of the same BUT since I had got copies of my records from Little Rock I was ready for the We cant seem to find that in our system. Even though they refused to look at my records & literally waved me off when I pulled them out of the manila envelope with the VAMC return address they did manage to find the notes from Little Rock.

Since they said their orders came from the neurologist upstairs (The one that said my parents were dead, my son was missing I was depressed & was a drug addict that refused to take narcotics or anti depressants there wasnt any further need for treatment.) They then asked me if I would consent to do the traction that was ordered & when I refused they signed the release & told me there was no need for further treatment & if I had a problem with that I could contact Little Rock neurosurgery.

I didnt have to contact Little Rock as I already had my 3rd epidural appt which I just had on the 3rd. This one hurt worse than the last one did. The 1st one there was just a small dot on the Band-Aid when I pulled it off. The 2nd one had a much larger spot as did my pillow the next morning. Now until I saw my records from the 3rd I just figured my headache from hell was from the pressure of the last 2 spinal taps putting more pressure on my brain that what the arachnoid cyst was normally doing.

However after looking up that blood patch thing & the reasons for doing one along with hindsight being what it is~ ~~~ this headache does seem to be a little different, not so much in the pain level as it is in the area of pain. With the arachnoid cyst I seem to get tremors & the area of the pain in my brain is usually in 2 or 3 sections although sometimes my whole head hurts. However I usually had good days & bad days but not so much lately.

Which brings up the reason I thought my headaches were being caused by the cyst they said if the headaches were from the spinal tap they would go away if I laid down. Since the pain never went away when I laid down I didnt think any more about it. That is until I saw the paperwork from my latest Spinal Tap & this headache from hell that I cant seem to shake. I guess I should also mention I lost consciousness on my way home from Little Rock on the 3rd.

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Any advice you care to share would be greatly appreciated. TIA

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