Waxed cotton jackets?

by Lunatic (Login MilkmanDan)

We're makign quite a few of the riding jackets, but since our supplier of ballistic Nylon crapped out on us, we're making them out of the 10 ounce duck cloth. My question is, does anyone here have experience with waxed cotton? Is that a spray or rub-on treatment we could add to the duck cloth to make them shed water even better? Or does that stop them from flowing air? Whats the stuff called? Is it somethign we'd include when we ship the jacket? or do we need to treat the jacket after its built?
I've never owned a waxed cotton jacket, just heard fols refering to them. Apparently that was the prefered material for jackets prior to ballistic nylon (Non-leather, obviously)


Posted on Jul 14, 2012, 2:24 PM
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