Bit of a rant...

by Nick Robinson (Login NicholasAndrew)

Up front I can tell you this is not about motorcycles, rather not being able to ride them anymore and overall just a bunch of whiney complaining.....

ok, this week on myth busters is the myth "Children are a gift from god"....I can tell you up front that myth is busted.

What they ARE is a fucking nightmare. Cry all morning, cry all night. Try this, try that, nothing works just keeps on crying.

Relationship with the wife is shot, don't want to be kind, don't want to love, physical attraction is the last thing on our minds....arguing 50% of the time about nothing important.

Motorcycles and any hope for hobbies in the next few years is completley down the crapper, and she wants 3 kids...not a fucking chance!

I work, wash dishes, change diapers, not sleep, argue with the wife and hold crying babies...I feel like our life is out of a suburban nightmare where everyone takes pictures of their babies, goes shopping and has sunday lunch. gag!

Am I the only new father who thinks this just sucks ass and feels trapped? I'm sure many of ya'll been throught he same shit.

fuck me, what have I gotten myself into....


Posted on Jul 14, 2012, 8:38 PM
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