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by NakedMadman (Login nakedmadman)

Fuck me. Well, of all the shit that could happen, can happen and has happened, the one thing that really hurts.... Someone stole my buddy.
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Butch is an outside dog. Kept him on a chain because the last thing I needed was "OH MY GOD, THERE'S A VICIOUS ANIMAL ON THE LOOSE!!!" Someone has come into my fenced yard, let Butch off his chain, and either carried or drug him away. He's a very 'homey' kind of animal. Even when he was loose, he didn't like to stray, and wouldn't leave the yard. The chain's not broke, and his collar's gone, so I know he didn't break it.

I raised that dog from a pup, I had his mother as well. I feel like someone's taken one of my kids. The one thing that really scares me is if it's one of these urban shitbags who fight dogs and are thought Butch looked tough. Butch is a baby. I could trust him with my 4yr old grand-daughter. Now I have to explain to her why her Butch is gone. Ya know, I really hope there's a special place in Hell for a shitbag who'd steal a family's dog.

aww, fuckit

Posted on Jul 15, 2012, 5:19 AM
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